Manthali Savings & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.    (

Manthali Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. (Manthali SACCOS) was promoted by Tamakoshi Sewa Samiti (TSS) during its' co-operative campaign in Ramechhap district. Manthali SACCOS was registered in A.D. 1998/02/02 (B.S. 2054/10/20) at the Department of Cooperative under Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative, as a community based financial institution. TSS staff and volunteers were mainly involved during its establishment. Manthali SACCOS is located in Manthali Municipality, the headquarters of Ramechhap district. In the beginning, the coverage of Manthali SACCOS was entire 55 VDCs (previous local units) of Ramechhap district until 2012 and it has now reduced the coverage into 16 surrounding VDCs of Manthali, which has been now merged into Manthali Municipality, Ramechhap Municipality, Likhu Rural Municipality & Khandadevi Municipality as per the recent local body restructure. In 1990, before the establishment of Manthali SACCOS, 11 TSS staff & volunteers had started an informal saving & credit group with a total capital of Rs. 11,000. In 1998 at the time of registration, other TSS staff & local people were involved in the group and then it was registered as a formal co-operative society.

The main objective of Manthali SACCOS is to improve socio-economic condition of members through the investment of loan on reasonable interest rate to its members for skill-oriented income generation program and for the fulfillment of financial necessity from savings collected motivating regular saving habit from individual income.  In addition, among other objectives, the operation of a co-operative hospital for out-patient & in-patient services is also the social objective of Manthali SACCOS. In addition to this, the social objective of Manthali SACCOS is to operative co-operative hospital is to provide in-patient & out-patient services to its members at affordable cost.

There are now over 15,000 members (52% female) in Manthali SACCOS. By the end of 16th July 2022, the total deposit collection has been reached to NRs. 853,545,274 (USD 6.67 million) and the net loan investment is NRs. 662,925,967 (USD 5.18 million). Likewise, the total members' share capital is NRs. 94,590,400 (USD 738,988) and the total asset is NRs. 1,068,479,763 (USD 8.35 million).

In the first year of Manthali SACCOS established, the total members were just 68 with the total deposit collection NRs. 134,700, the loan investment NRs. 142,884, the share capital NRs. 6,800 and the total asset NRs. 150,357. Manthali SACCOS is the biggest community-based financial institution in Ramechhap district in terms of membership and financial collection.

The prevailing interest rates are 7%-12% on savings and 12%-16% per annum on loan investment effective from Bhadra 2079 (August 2022).

In addition to the financial services, Manthali SACCOS is also involved in health service delivery through Tamakoshi Hospital. The members of Manthali SACCOS will get 20% discount on any type of health service at Tamakoshi Hospital.


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